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Streamline your document review workflow

ADEx helps you thrive in a dynamic environment. Streamline collaboration with accounting, get faster access to tenant information, and more.

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“We use ADEx to store, manage and extract data from our documents. We use this data for accounting and property management. With ADEx, we can handle the same volume of document review with 3 assistants as we would with 5FTEs.

— Marc Zenato
Director of Innovation at Exor

Why do property managers choose ADEx?

Intelligent Document Review


Upload your documents and ADEx will go to work for you

ADEx will automatically detect different document types, versions, and the intent of the information. So you can spring through your document review process.

Service and management agreements
And hundreds more


Create a smooth document review process that works for your team

Assign tasks, manage workflows and communicate seamlessly with greater visibility using the built in project management tools.

Integrated calendar
Easy to use Kanban board
And more
Connected System


Sync your data with other platforms

ADEx integrates with top accounting, management, BI, and ERP platforms. You can also integrate with ADEx using our REST API server.

Works seamlessly with your existing tools

Automatically import all your documents, efficiently review them, and then sync your data with other platforms you already use.

ADEx Integrations

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