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ADEx helps you thrive in a dynamic environment. Streamline collaboration with accounting, get faster access to tenant information, and more.

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“We use ADEx to store, manage and extract data from our documents. We use this data for accounting and property management. With ADEx, we can handle the same volume of document review with 3 assistants as we would with 5FTEs.

— Marc Zenato
Director of Innovation at Exor

Why do property managers choose ADEx?

Intelligent Document Review


Upload your documents and ADEx will go to work for you

ADEx will automatically detect different document types, versions, and the intent of the information. So you can spring through your document review process.

Service and management agreements
And hundreds more


Create a smooth document review process that works for your team

Assign tasks, manage workflows and communicate seamlessly with greater visibility using the built in project management tools.

Integrated calendar
Easy to use Kanban board
And more
Connected System


Sync your data with other platforms

ADEx integrates with top accounting, management, BI, and ERP platforms. You can also integrate with ADEx using our REST API server.

Works seamlessly with your existing tools

Automatically import all your documents, efficiently review them, and then sync your data with other platforms you already use.

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What’s next?

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Cognitive Document Processing for Property Managers

Streamline Document Review

Thrive in a dynamic environment devoid of tedious document handling and review. Accelerate information gathering, automate scanning and review of documents, and extract data from even the most complex closing documents. Implementing ADEx enables you to streamline collaboration with accounting, get faster access to tenant information, and more.
Still reviewing or rekeying documents manually?
ADEx for Business provides a standalone platform for complete document automation, or you can implement ADEx Embedded Solutions to remove manual processing from your existing end systems.

Purpose-Built Document Automation

For Property Managers

Reduce manual data entry and accelerate information gathering.  Extract property descriptions and transaction data points, and convert detailed, complex property related documents into structured data sets.

Uses cognitive models to extract complex content (thematic attribution, visual elements, tables, graphs, language) to feed relevant information to downstream processes.

Handles many types of documents coming from multiple locations. Pre-built APIs pass relevant data to virtually any end-user system or lending institution.

Eliminates manual processing by comprehending the contents of Leases, Service and management agreements, Rent Rolls, and more than 700 real estate related documents.

Real estate specific functions perform secondary calculations that go beyond extraction and keywords to save time and improve accuracy.

Superior accuracy: content-aware cognitive engine learns quickly with as few as 5 samples and gets faster over time.

Automation for over 2000 real estate related documents including:

Plus Hundreds More!
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ADEx delivers increased productivity and efficiency – up to 90% cost reduction.

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Get Accurate Data 10X Faster

In a client benchmark study, ADEx extracted datapoints from highly complex documents – such as leases, agreements, operating statements, OMs and Rent Rolls – faster, more consistently and more accurately than current staff, saving each team member an average of 8 hours per week.

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Mihai Strusievici

VP Information Technology, Global at Colliers International

“In my position, I am always looking for technologies to solve business problems and advance our strategy. ADEx is a great team with a solution to one of the most inefficient processes, the review of legal documents.”

Marc Zenato

Director of Innovation at Exor

“We use ADEx to store, manage and extract data from our documents. We use this data for accounting and property management. With ADEx, we can handle the same volume of document review with 3 assistants as we would with 5FTEs.”

How does ADEx compare?

Other IDPs
Manual Review
Process documents in seconds
Purpose-built tools and calculators for Real Estate
Capable of training new document types with fewer than 5 samples
Turnkey implementation for real estate
Content-aware search
Automatic content-based document sorting
Custom dashboard and reports
Automatic binding of legal documents
End to End Processing with Unstructured Content
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The Digital Revolution Can Scale Up Business

Property Managers  that leverage document automation fund more deals in less time. Don’t get left behind. Accelerate your lending deal flow to gain a competitive advantage through intelligent document automation. Invest in a real estate document automation solution that will deliver more comprehensive results and faster, better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

What is property management?

Property management entails the daily administration of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Typically, property managers are responsible for organizing repairs, maintenance, security, and any tenant concerns that may arise during a lease. Additionally, many property management companies oversee a number of duties involving tenant and owner relationships, including tenant screenings, lease preparation and management, rent collection, and more. This wide array of responsibilities ensures that most property management offices are inundated with paperwork, which can create workflow bottlenecks, increased overhead, and organizational difficulties.

How can an intelligent document processor (IDP) enhance a property management business?

An IDP should be one of the most dynamic tools in a property management company’s toolkit. IDPs like ADEx, whose powerful AI is tailor-made for the real estate industry, can provide end-to-end solutions for property management document workflows. ADEx can intelligently gather, process, organize, and analyze information provided on both structured and unstructured property management documents. Unlike most IDPs, ADEx can perform context-aware analysis, which means that it looks beyond keywords to discern complex relationships between data points. This level of understanding can offer property managers crucial insights which would have been missed with manual processing.

Can I automate my CRE portfolio document processes?

Yes, and you should! From maintaining regulatory compliance to extensive rent roll analysis, an IDP can automate your entire commercial real estate portfolio document processing workflow. The real estate and property management industry has been relatively slow to embrace automation, so you can put yourself ahead of the curve by introducing an IDP like ADEx into your business. The automation will allow you to focus your efforts on making strategic decisions, collaborating with accounting, and gaining deeper and more useful insights about your portfolio—all while drastically reducing the amount of “busy work” that your company takes on.

What does property management document processing look like?

Because property management companies perform so many duties, they usually have several document processing workflows. With piles and piles of paperwork in most property management offices, the documentation processes can be complex, tedious, and labor-intensive. For example, for a single commercial tenant, a property manager may need to process and organize applications, lease agreements, insurance policies, bank statements, tax documentations, rent rolls, and more. Additionally, there are an increasing amount of regulatory requirements surrounding the storage and organization of these documents, leaving property management companies on the hook for maintaining regulatory compliance. All of this can create a massive employee workload, often taking up valuable time and resources to manage.

Can an IDP generate rent rolls automatically?

Absolutely. Most property managers agree that maintaining up-to-date rent rolls of their properties and for their portfolio as a whole is vital, but manually updating rent rolls can prove an arduous task. Automating the rent roll process with an IDP like ADEx will not only reduce your overhead costs but will also provide more accurate, useful data.

ADEx’s AI-powered data extraction and analysis process takes human error out of the equation and presents rent rolls in a thoughtful, easy-to-understand format. Because ADEx leverages a cognitive AI engine, it can make connections between data points and organize analysis in a way that enables property managers to utilize it to make business decisions.

Why choose ADEx as an IDP?

ADEx’s powerful AI offers a turnkey solution for property managers and property management companies. Not only is it built exclusively for the real estate industry and pre-loaded to comprehend over 2,000 document types, it also provides calculators, analytics tools, and dashboards that can completely overhaul your workflow. Additionally, unlike other IDPs, ADEx can be trained to recognize and process new document types with fewer than five samples, which means that its knowledge base can expand to fit your business needs. Put simply, ADEx is purpose-built for your property management firm.

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