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“In my position, I am always looking for technologies to solve business problems and advance our strategy. ADEx is a great team with a solution to one of the most inefficient processes, the review of legal documents.

— Mihai Strusievici
VP Information Technology, Global at Colliers International

Why do lenders choose ADEx?

Intelligent Document Review


Upload your documents and ADEx will go to work for you

ADEx will automatically detect different document types, versions, and the intent of the information.

Loan agreements
Rent Rolls and Operating Statements
Credit/Risk information
Financial reports
And hundreds more


Create a smoother workflow by adding ADEx to your existing process

Assign tasks, manage workflows and communicate seamlessly with greater visibility using the built in project management tools.

Integrated calendar
Easy to use Kanban board
And more
Connected System


Seamlessly sync your data with other platforms

ADEx easily integrates with top accounting, management, BI, and ERP platforms. Plus, you can also integrate with ADEx using our REST API server.

Works seamlessly with your existing tools

Automatically import all your documents, efficiently review them, and then sync your data with other platforms you already use.

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What’s next?

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Cognitive Document Processing for Lenders

More Loans Without More Staff

More efficient loan administration means business growth without adding staff, while also increasing customer satisfaction and referrals. As a loan servicer you can use use ADEx to reduce manual processing and achieve better, faster ROI.
Still reviewing or rekeying documents manually? ADEx for Business provides a standalone platform for complete document automation, or you can implement ADEx Embedded Solutions to remove manual processing from your existing end systems.

Purpose-Built Document Automation

For Loan Servicing:

Customize loan servicing strategies to mitigate risk and maximize income. Clear loan conditions faster (access relevant data from documents and gain timely approvals).

Value assets based on comps and financials by getting data quickly from rent rolls, operating statements and PLs.

Comprehensive Dashboard: Get detailed reporting and performance analytics on your workflow automation.

Eliminates manual processing by comprehending the content of Leases, Loan Docs, Closing Statements, OMs, Rent Rolls, and more than 700 real estate related documents.

Real estate specific functions perform secondary calculations that go beyond extraction and keywords to save time and improve accuracy.

Superior accuracy: content-aware cognitive engine learns quickly with as few as 5 samples and gets faster over time.

Automation for over 2000 real estate related documents including:

Plus Hundreds More!
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ADEx delivers increased productivity and efficiency – up to 90% cost reduction.

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Get Accurate Data 10X Faster

In a client benchmark study, ADEx extracted datapoints from highly complex documents – such as leases, agreements, operating statements, OMs and Rent Rolls – faster, more consistently and more accurately than current staff, saving each team member an average of 8 hours per week.

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How does ADEx compare?

Other IDPs
Manual Review
Process documents in seconds
Purpose-built tools and calculators for Real Estate
Capable of training new document types with fewer than 5 samples
Turnkey implementation for real estate
Content-aware search
Automatic content-based document sorting
Custom dashboard and reports
Automatic binding of legal documents
End to End Processing with Unstructured Content
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The Digital Revolution Can Scale Up Business

Property Managers  that leverage document automation fund more deals in less time. Don’t get left behind. Accelerate your lending deal flow to gain a competitive advantage through intelligent document automation. Invest in a real estate document automation solution that will deliver more comprehensive results and faster, better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

What is loan servicing?

Loan servicing refers to the way a financial institution, or a lender, collects the payment for a loan. Loan servicers are responsible for the overall management of a loan once it is issued to a borrower, which entails sending billing statements, updating records, responding to requests and inquiries, and processing payments.

Additionally, loan servicers must comply with many federal and legal requirements, which are dependent upon the type of loan that they are servicing. For example, mortgage servicers must apply payments to the loan on the same day that it is received, disclose the payment amount to borrowers, alert borrowers about missed or late payments, and keep detailed records about payment history.

How can a cognitive document processor enhance the loan servicing process?

A cognitive document processor can completely overhaul a loan servicer’s document processing workflow by both eliminating a lot of manual work and providing more accurate and useful information to analysts. An AI-driven intelligent document processor like ADEx, which is pre-trained to recognize and comprehend over 2,000 document types, can not only perform the same tasks as a human employee in a fraction of the time but also extract data to help inform customized servicing strategies to mitigate error and maximize revenue.

A large portion of servicing a loan, for example, entails responding to borrower variables. Borrowers may update addresses, payment terms, beneficiaries, etc., and a cognitive document processor will be able to catalog these changes by automatically extracting this data from forms and declaration pages. With superior data in terms of both speed and accuracy, servicers can then clear loan conditions more quickly, gain timely approvals, and increase their margins.

What are the benefits of using a cognitive document processor for loan servicing?

A cognitive document processor’s primary purpose is to automate the ingestion, classification, and evaluation of documents with speed and accuracy unattainable by a human employee. While the processing enhanced speed and reduction of manual work is one of the more obvious benefits of implementing an IDP, the increased depth of analysis and comprehensive data extraction can also drastically improve your loan servicing business.

An AI-driven document processor, pre-trained with a library of thousands of relevant documents, can go beyond simple keyword recognition. It can overhaul loan servicing processes by cognitively comprehending more complex relationships between documents and using that information to present key analytical data in an easy-to-understand way. For example, an IDP can quickly detect fraudulent behavior, which minimizes risks of non-compliance and resultant penalties. Additionally, a cognitive document processor like ADEx can help you gain insight into your own processes by providing a dashboard with detailed reporting and performance analytics. This can help you identify bottlenecks or unnecessary steps in your systems and guide you toward more efficient workflows.

How does loan servicing document processing work?

Since the “Great Recession,” the regulations and legal requirements involved in the loan servicing process have become much more stringent. As a result, the amount and complexity of the documentation involved has grown massively. For every loan, a servicer may need to process lien releases, payment records, billing statements, and regulatory compliance documents.

Many loan servicers have had to increase the number of staff that they employ in order to keep up with the increased workload. These employees are often responsible for the manual maintenance of each loan, which involves updating data, reviewing documents, and verifying records. The amount of manual work involved in loan servicing document processing can give way to decrease in profits and an increase in human error among loan servicing companies.

Is automated loan servicing document processing really possible?

Absolutely. When legal regulations for loan servicing ratcheted up, financial institutions were required to process more documents than ever. And even though these documents are often unstructured, powerful AI-driven intelligent document processors like ADEx are purpose-built to take in, analyze, and extract relevant datapoints from these documents. This means that the lengthy, labor-intensive processing workflows can not only be automated, but also be made more comprehensive and accurate.

Why choose ADEx to automate loan servicing document processing?

Purpose-built for the real estate industry, ADEx is a groundbreaking tool for document automation by providing end-to-end workflow solutions. Artificial intelligence has been relatively slow to reach financial institutions and lenders, but ADEx already comprehends over 2,000 document types and has, to date, processed over 7 million documents. Unlike other IDPs, which offer generic AI, ADEx offers a turnkey data extraction tool which is built to enable loan servicers to work with less human error, more accurate data, and increase their ROI.

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