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With ADEx you can create faster loan packages and quicker loan quotes. Get more done with less effort — simplify your process, reduce friction, and gain more transparency.

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“In my position, I am always looking for technologies to solve business problems and advance our strategy. ADEx is a great team with a solution to one of the most inefficient processes, the review of legal documents.

— Mihai Strusievici
VP Information Technology, Global at Colliers International

Why do lenders choose ADEx?

Intelligent Document Review


Upload your documents and ADEx will go to work for you

ADEx will automatically detect different document types, versions, and the intent of the information.

Loan agreements
Rent Rolls and Operating Statements
Credit/Risk information
Financial reports
And hundreds more


Create a smoother workflow by adding ADEx to your existing process

Assign tasks, manage workflows and communicate seamlessly with greater visibility using the built in project management tools.

Integrated calendar
Easy to use Kanban board
And more
Connected System


Seamlessly sync your data with other platforms

ADEx easily integrates with top accounting, management, BI, and ERP platforms. Plus, you can also integrate with ADEx using our REST API server.

Works seamlessly with your existing tools

Automatically import all your documents, efficiently review them, and then sync your data with other platforms you already use.

ADEx Integrations

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