It’s About More Than Extracting Data.
It’s Making Sense of It.

Put ADEx Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Work for You.

Find out why ADEx has become the platform of choice for accounting, due diligence, financial, investment, legal, project management, and real estate professionals. Use the power of ADEx contract review software and analytics engine toget more work done in a fraction of the time.

Contract Metadata Extraction

Create a new contract management system (CMS) that’s easy to populate with contract metadata, and seamlessly migrate acquired contracts.

Knowledge Management

Obtain data that can be easily organized and summarized into business intelligence for the benefit of everyone in your organization.

Lease Abstraction

Complete lease reviews, conduct due diligence, and anticipate tenant vacancies with ease. Automatically identify and extract data from contracts to create customized reports, manage assets and make timely decisions.

Due Diligence

Accelerate the due diligence process with pinpoint accuracy, so you can proceed with confidence rather than caution. Find, disclose and extract all the information you need – from clauses to common provisions – and export them into final reports.

Market Intelligence

Get the most up-to-date market data and cross- reference it with your own business analytics to identify untapped opportunities, gain new insights about negotiations, and plan the execution of your production and sales strategies.


Get a comprehensive picture of a company’s financial position, review large volumes of documents, and complete audit reviews faster and more efficiently than ever. Then, highlight the relevant audit data and export it into the format that serves your reporting needs.

Accounting Standards

Review massive volumes of data, identify any risks or non-compliance issues, and respond to regulatory or other accounting changes. Access the metrics needed to export into project planning and resource allocation reports. And quickly prepare financial statements or internal reports by highlighting the most relevant data


Gain instant access to current or historical transactions, loan terms, and credit facility agreements as well as insights about market trends that will inform future negotiations and deals. You may even create internal clause banks, execute due diligence and complete loan agreements with accuracy and ease.


Quickly adhere to any regulatory changes by identifying large volumes of data that impact your business, whether it resides in a legacy system or third-party contracts. And conduct automated contract reviews to make adjustments as needed – ahead of time.