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With ADEx Embedded Solutions
Take advantage of ADEx within your own workflow automation platform or end system.With ADEx Embedded Solutions, easily integrate the functionality you need into your existing system.
ADEx offers a wide range of APIs that are designed to streamline all aspects of document processing workflows to completely remove manual processing.

ADEx Embedded Solutions (APIs)

Enjoy the best capabilities of ADEx for Business by incorporating ADEx’s document processing engine into your existing platform via Embedded Solutions, using API and iFrame access.

Document Classification

Automatically detects over 700 different doc types from driver’s licenses and stock option agreements to rent rolls and leases. Enables teams to quickly process hundreds of mixed document sets quickly without manual review.

Named Entity Recognition

Returns a list of dates or names or addresses or phone numbers, monetary or numerical amounts. And identify types of dates/data.

Document Parser

Leverage ADEx’s extensive pre-trained library of thousands of data points, in order to identify and capture specific language and relevant data from any document whether structured (predictable format) or unstructured (unpredictable format, such as offering memorandums).

Image & Drawing Extraction

Automatically detect images within a document’s content, such as drawings, site maps and signatures.

Advance Table Parser

Automatically detect complex tables inside docs (such as rent rolls) and easily capture the data in a fully structured format.

Document Comparison

Automatically compares documents and data points to quickly list the differences.

Document Segmentation

Automatically detect different doc types inside of a file and split that file into multiple documents.

Document Outline Extraction

Generates a table of contents based on all of the topics in the document set.

Document OCR

Scans a document and returns an OCR (digital) file.

Complete Document Automation Solution

If you are looking for powerful, complete turnkey document automation, consider ADEx for Business as a standalone platform.
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