Complete Document Automation

If you still have manual document processes within your workflow automation, you need Queues by ADEx. Purpose-built document automation for real estate related industries, Queues by ADEx comprehends contents of any type of unstructured, unpredictable documents and feeds relevant datapoints into existing systems to take workflow automation to the next level of efficiency.

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ADEx Document Automation
Content-aware document processing

Why Queues by ADEx is Better Than Other IDPs

The Queues by ADEx content aware document processing engine creates a knowledge graph over all of your docs, enabling more intelligent processing of docs based on content relevancy, not just keywords or extracted terms relied upon by many AI solutions and OCR driven extraction tools.

With APIs to enable easy integration with existing systems and solutions, ADEx’s low-code, turnkey automation solution delivers better time-to-value, and faster ROI.


2-way sync

Capture and Upload

Brings docs in from any channel (email, cloud drive, etc). Docs synced and backed up automatically (2-way sync to the original source).

Export & Attribution

Exports docs as PDF, DOCx, XLS, CSV/TSV or send to other systems via API. For any doc exported from ADEx, just click on the commencement date and retrieve the original document from within the platform.

Export and Attribution

Understand and Organize

Cognitive AI Engine

Cognitive AI Engine

Understands docs and all of their contents (named entities, thematic attribution, visual elements, tables, graphs, apps, language, email addresses). Also captures doc type, location and order.

Associated Layers

Creates a table of contents as a layer within the doc (not as a separate doc) for easy collaboration and summary access.

Associated layers
Permissions and audit

Permissions & Audit Trail

Flexible control at an account, team, user and document level, with an audit trail for visibility of changes.  Add/remove people from teams to avoid setting individual permissions.

Automate & Analyze

Automated queues

Automated Queues

Queues are automatic processing pipelines. They are setup once, programmed to ingest a specific document type, perform pre-determined actions on them, automatically assign the HITL review to specific users or teams, and finally export the captured values to pre-determined end systems.

Project Management

Manage document review projects with the Project tab.

Project management
Reports and analytics

Reports and Analytics

Review what you want, tailored to your needs. Get a comprehensive view of the contents and data points in any document via customized, personalized dashboards, reports and graphs.


Managed services
Managed Services
ADEx's elastic review team acts as an extension of your staff, available when you need them.
Custom implementation
Custom Implementation
ADEx's team can build any integrations and custom applications required to take full advantage of your existing data.

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