Are your customers still processing docs manually?

Deliver End-To-End Automation With ADEx

Let us be your partner. Our content-aware document processing engine understands and organizes complex, unpredictable and unstructured documents. By seamlessly integrating into and delivering data to end systems, you can eliminate manual document processing for good.

The Most Innovative Companies

are partnering with ADEx to introduce complete document automation to their customers.
Do your customers enter data manually for documents that your end system, RPA or IDP does not easily recognize?
Are your customers frustrated by manually organizing and attaching documents to objects in end systems that don’t fit a common format?
Is it difficult for your customers to audit and verify data for non-standard contracts, LOI and other unstructured document formats?

Let ADEx be your partner

ADEx will ensure complex documents are deeply understood to enable you to deliver more complete document automation.

Bring more complete automation to more clients and increase satisfaction.


Handle more client workflows and reach a broader audience.


Require less onboarding by adopting our integrated solution to automate more of the process.

Want to put ADEx to work for you?

Our partners use ADEx to make end-to-end processing a reality for their customers.
ISV Partnership
Software companies can incorporate ADEx’s document engine into their platform. Includes API and iFrame access.
Referral Partnership
Solutions providers and other companies can refer clients to ADEx in exchange for a referral fee.
Channel Partnership (VAR)
Resellers can include ADEx licenses as part of their offerings.
Service Partners
Companies can use ADEx to improve their service offerings for clients.

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