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Our professional lease abstraction team, complemented by our proprietary AI-engine, reduces time and cost while gaining greater accuracy so you never miss critical datapoints. With InteLease by ADEx services, achieve 100% data extraction and let us perform your lease abstractions 4x faster.

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Whether you’re responsible for due diligence or property management, InteLease by ADEx will save you hours of tedious work extracting data points from leases and other relevant documents such as commencement letters, rent rolls, site maps, and many more.

With millions of documents processed, InteLease by ADEx is pre-trained to understand your documents at a deeper level and can quickly extract, summarize and standardize more of the key data within real estate lease documents than other lease abstraction solutions. Your business will benefit from the greater accuracy and consistency that superior automation provides.

Complete Due Diligence More Efficiently

Commercial property owners, operators, occupiers, and investors can quickly access lease terms for a single building or an entire portfolio, providing analysts with data they need.

By leveraging InteLease lease abstraction services, they can spend more time focusing on more valuable activities and make more informed decisions. InteLease’s superior lease abstraction automation capabilities can accurately:

images and tables

Capture images and tables, signatures and site maps (not just text extraction)

table of contents

Generate a clickable table of contents that includes every lease topic


Prioritize datapoints coming from later amendments

Document package

Evaluate the entire document package and automatically pick values from later documents

Extracted datapoints relationship

Interpret relationships between extracted datapoints, removing more manual review than other lease abstraction software. For example, if late fees are 5% of rent, ADEx can find the 5% and the rent amount and calculate the late fee.

Document navigation

Enable users to easily navigate across related documents with a click. For example a search for “late fee” will return “page 27 of main lease and page 5 of amendment”

A Lease Abstraction Leader

InteLease is trained to quickly and accurately identify and extract critical datapoints and produce fully customizable reports and charts to help you leverage data insights and make better, more profitable portfolio management decisions.

Accurate and Efficient

Accurate and Efficient

Automatically extract over 1,000 key data points from office, industrial, retail, multi-family, telecoms, revenue, expenses, and many other types of leases. Extract over 450 datapoints from office leases.

Key data points
Fast Turnkey Implementation

Fast Turnkey Implementation

Automate end-to-end lease abstraction with as few as 5 samples, no coding required.

Turnkey implementation
Supports Team Collaboration

Supports Team Collaboration

  • Simultaneous review & commenting within the same doc

  • Automatically assign reviews and approvals from within the app

  • Share documents via internet access

Team collaboration
API Integration with Leading Platforms

API Integration with Leading Platforms

Send relevant data to leading real estate platforms like Yardi. Access lease abstracts within the Box environment and other data repositories.

Less Human in the Loop Required

Less Human in the Loop Required

ADEx’s cognitive data processing is highly experienced with real-estate related documents and automatically applies secondary calculations to reduce human review.

Cognitive data processing


Elastic abstraction team

Lease Abstraction Services

ADEx’s elastic abstraction team acts as an extension of your staff, available when you need them.

Custom implementation

Custom Implementation

ADEx’s team can build any integrations and custom applications required to take full advantage of your existing data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

What is a lease abstract?

A lease abstract summarizes information about a landlord’s expectations and demands such as property repairs, common areas maintenance, improvements, etc. and provides a basic outline of the provisions contained in the lease. A lease abstract enables a reviewer to quickly uncover key terms related to effective management of the property and answers questions that might affect the business like termination dates and rent increases.

How does AI help automate the lease abstraction process?

Automating the lease abstraction process with AI removes the tedious, repetitive, manual process of reviewing lengthy leases. Software can scan hundreds of documents for thousands of datapoints in minutes instead of days. Software solutions are trained to look for relevant data and manually enter it into a system or directly into a lease abstract.

What datapoints are included in a lease abstract?

A lease abstract contains critical data points such as property address, square footage, rent, critical dates, tenant rights, landlord rights, real estate taxes, renewal option, tenant sublet option, planned rent increases, renewal terms, terminations, Right of First Refusal (ROFR) and a Right of First Offer (ROFO), and more.

Why do companies automate the lease abstraction process?

Software that is over 90% accurate in extracting relevant data can reduce cost of processing by 60-90%. Analysts will get timely access to data they need to respond to and close deals quickly. For example an investor can quickly determine what percentage of tenants have right of first refusal in the event of a sale, which can greatly impact a counter proposal in a sale negotiation.

Automation also ensures consistency and accuracy and reduces risk of lack of compliance as a result, especially if data can be seamlessly transferred into current systems without manual intervention. Additionally, companies who implement software for lease abstraction benefit from being able to tailor the solution to their specific needs by focusing on the portions of leases most critical to their specific business or role. Software can automatically track important dates in leases and set reminders for dates such as expirations and renewal periods while also providing alerts if there are trigger events such as rent increases.

For companies with a significant volume of leases to abstract, software abstraction is usually the most cost-effective option. The right solution that is pre-trained to handle documents and workflows specific to your business will deliver better, faster ROI, significantly reducing costs in the long run.

How do you efficiently abstract leases?

Software that is specifically trained on a broad range of lease types, and millions of example leases will be the most efficient platforms for implementing automated lease abstraction in your business.

Why choose ADEx for lease abstraction automation?

ADEx has processed over 7 million documents and is pre-trained to understand over 2000+ document types and 4000+ data points relevant to the real estate industry. ADEx’s cognitive document processing engine uses more than keyword extraction to process your documents – it understands the meaning and relationships of key terms such as CPI, right of first refusal and first offer, late fee calculations and vesting schedules, and can make appropriate calculations that provide additional datapoints that lease abstracts require. This enables ADEx to remove more manual processing from workflows than other lease abstraction software solutions. In addition, ADEx is highly capable of interpreting documents that arrive in unstructured, unpredictable formats to automate more of your incoming document workflows.

What is the benefit of a lease abstract?

Lease abstracts help property managers optimize the decisions they make as they manage properties in a portfolio. For example, a lease abstract lays out exactly which expenses a tenant should be paying. Managers can keep on top of reviewing these expenses and request reimbursements to increase cash flow. Lease abstracts also provide crucial information during the due diligence process as investors are evaluating a potential purchase.

What other companies provide turnkey lease abstraction software solutions?

While Litera, Kira, MRI, Leverton, DealSumm, Ebrevia, Leasepilot, Botminds and others provide lease abstraction automation, not all of them are turnkey solutions that provide the level of abstraction automation that ADEx’s cognitive document processing engine provides.

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