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Get more done in less time. Automate your document related workflows, reduce manual effort and meet increases in demand.

ADEx is designed to comprehend your documents, capture and standardize datapoints and automatically feed relevant data into high-value workflows.

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Most Comprehensive Document Automation Platform

Purpose-built for the Real Estate Industry with  thousands of pre-trained documents, tools and calculators.
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Deep Real Estate Expertise

Whether you're in brokerage, lending, insurance, investment or portfolio management, ADEx’s  pre-trained libraries, tools and calculators deliver more comprehensive results.

ADEx Pretrained Libraries

Scale Up with Better ROI

ADEx’s turnkey solution flexibly handles greater volume at a lower cost and requires less training and onboarding. Results in greater profitability and better, faster ROI.

ADEx turnkey solution

Gain a competitive edge

Elevate business impact with content-aware understanding. Unlocks deeper and broader data insights. Go beyond merely extracting data and drive game-changing business decisions.


Most Comprehensive Document Automation for Real Estate Industry

Processes both structured and unstructured documents across real estate related industries.


Document types


Pre-trained datapoints

7 million+

Documents Processed

Seamlessly export data

and add value to your end-to-end enterprise systems.
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How does ADEx compare?

Other IDPs
Manual Review
Process documents in seconds
Purpose-built tools and calculators for Real Estate
Capable of training new document types with fewer than 5 samples
Turnkey implementation for real estate
Content-aware search
Automatic content-based document sorting
Custom dashboard and reports
Automatic binding of legal documents
End to End Processing with Unstructured Content
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Don’t let competition pass you by

Document automation provides a competitive edge. Invest in a solution that will deliver more comprehensive results and faster, better ROI.

Be a category leader when you unlock deeper and broader insights, experience greater returns and attract more capital.

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