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5 Ways Content-Aware Document Automation Can Help Your Company

Content-aware automation develops an understanding of your docs to guide more intelligent document processing.

Intelligent document processing is relatively easy if your documents are uniformly structured (such as invoices and receipts) or if your business only requires keyword extraction-based document processing.

But if you are a company in a real estate related industry and you would like to reduce the amount of manual document processing required by your staff, content-aware document automation can be the solution. Content-aware document automation goes beyond mere keyword extraction and develops an understanding of the contents of your docs in order to create a knowledge map that guides more intelligent document processing. 

Whether you are a commercial broker, mortgage broker, loan processor or servicer, title or escrow officer, there are many situations where manual document processing is still a time consuming process for staff. Here are 5 ways content-aware document automation helps to expand the range of real estate related documents  that can be processed in an automated fashion.

Better Efficiency, Reduced Manual Effort—content-aware document automation is designed to comprehend what’s in your documents and automatically feed relevant data to end-systems from complex, unstructured docs that would be hard for normal document automation. Most companies, for example, whether in fields such as brokerage, lending, insurance, investment or portfolio management, or a number of other fields, should seek a content-aware document automation platform that has pre-trained libraries, tools and calculators in order to deliver more comprehensive results, and, over time, let them take more “work” out of work.

Elevates Business Impact—If you want a competitive edge that can unlock deeper and broader data insights, content-aware document automation is the answer. It goes beyond merely extracting data, but, instead, elevates game-changing business decisions by retrieving relevant data points faster. And it can retrieve these data points from numerous unstructured documents that could be arriving from various locations in unpredictable formats.

Better Faster ROI, Profitability—A turnkey content-aware document automation solution provides a powerful set of pre-trained datapoints, tools and calculators that flexibly handle a greater range of document types without additional training and onboarding. This enables firms to absorb  greater volumes of work at a lower cost without heavy  automation system training and onboarding thus resulting in greater profitability and better, faster ROI.

Reduced Likelihood of Errors—With content-aware document automation, you can reduce the slip-ups or omissions that occur with manual processing and review, increasing the consistency and accuracy of your document workflows. Companies with cognitively aware AI models can also capture visual elements such as images, graphics and tables, while also recording document type and useful meta data.   

Less Onboarding and Training Time —content-aware document automation requires less waiting and training for the system to adapt to your data workflows and processes without sacrificing accuracy. In addition, pre-trained datapoints, and a broad library of document types, can also reduce the training time needed to get document automation to work for you.

Content-aware document processing can benefit commercial real estate portfolio companies, mortgage brokerages, lenders, insurance, escrow and title companies – organizations that still process a lot of unstructured, complex documents manually.

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Arian Nemati

Co-Founder & CEO

Arian Nemati is a serial entrepreneur and investor for the proptech and real estate industry. Currently CEO of ADEx and active member of YPO.