Working at different real estate companies and drowning in mountains of paperwork stalling deal flow, we grew frustrated and demotivated.

After witnessing several startup exits in different industries, we knew the problem had worsened. 21st-century technology attempted to assure us we could do more with less, yet the number of documents requiring review continued to drastically increase. We were forced to painstakingly process documents manually because existing systems just weren’t smart enough. Machines couldn’t go beyond identifying simple keywords and properly comprehending document contents to eliminate human interpretation and review.

That’s why we banded together to tackle the issue at hand and partnered with world-class commercial real estate firms to develop ADEx, a “virtual assistant” for professionals to bridge the gap between file cabinets  and end systems. Our mission is to help professionals spend less time managing paperwork and more time on the work that really matters. We believe there is an ideal world where documents are automatically collected and organized, where relevant data is captured and provided when and where it is needed, to simplify decision-making, accelerate workflow, and increase employee effectiveness.

We have a deep understanding of real estate and related industries, but our purpose-built document automation platform for the real estate industry is only the beginning. We dream of helping improve workplaces around the world so employees can apply themselves to their skills and talents—not the paperwork.

We pledge :

No more management by paperwork.

Arian Nemati

Co-Founder & CEO

Apoorv Khandelwal

Co-Founder & CTO