ADEx AI - Next generation contract intelligence platform

Next-generation contract intelligence platform
powered by A.I.

Gain deeper insight into your business by analyzing your contracts.

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2,000+Unique Clauses

4,000+Contract Types

2.5+MillionContracts Analyzed

Improve accuracy

Quickly find the relevant data in your documents

Improve productivity

Ensure a smooth review process with automated approval and workflow features

Turn Documents into actionable data

Gain deeper insight into your documents using powerful reports and dashboards


Export your data to 3rd party applications via API integrations

Intelligent - Always Learning Interactive Viewer Flexible Summary Forms Powerful Reports and Dashboards Collaboration & Automation Available wherever you are

Intelligent – Always Learning

ADEx constantly learns from your interactions. It continually improves to provide better accuracy and coverage.


Interactive Viewer

Our Intelligent Viewer makes the review process of your documents faster and more accurate.
It turns your static documents into a fully interactive review experience.


Flexible Summary Forms

Create contract summary forms for everything from lease abstraction to compliance. You can pick from our library of over 2K pre-trained clauses or simply create and train your own.


Powerful Reports and Dashboards

Access comprehensive evaluations on trends and performance at the document level or across your entire company.


Collaboration & Automation

Teams from all departments can work together on projects. You can easily automate complex business processes, automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks, or submit approval requests.


Available wherever you are

Access all of your documents, reports and collaborate with your team from any device, anywhere.


Power Up

Enhance ADEx with powerful analytics and document management

ADEx Analytics

Manage your entire portfolio with live reports and dashboards from any device. You’ll receive:

  • Automated workflow and approval management
  • Built-in communication and task management
  • Integration with thousands of apps


Box Skills + ADEx

Box for InteLease allows you to access summaries of your document within the Box environment.


Learn how ADEx can help you with your document review process.